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Megaman 3D 2 title screen

Megaman 3D 2: The Siege of Megacity is a fan made game. It is the sequel to Megaman 3D developed by "lierinwait" and released on Yo-yo games in 2011, and Gamejolt in 2012. The game takes place in a 3D environment with 8-bit textures and uses the classic Mega Man universe. Chronologically this game is set between Mega Man 10 and Mega Man X, showing the possible transition of the robots to mavericks caused by Zero Prime (the antagonist of the game).

Story and gameplay

The story develops in Megacity, after the events of Mega Man 10. An unknown signal caused all robots and robot masters to start attacking humans and all humans went into underground bunkers for their safety. Mega Man, Roll, Proto Man, Bass and Dr. Light are the only ones that remain on the surface of Megacity, trying to find a clue of what is happening.

Megaman 3D 2 gameplay

Mega Man has to beat previously defeated Robot Masters such as Quick Man, Crash Man, Chill Man, Solar Man or Gyro Man, to access to the final level, where Zero Prime is.

Unlike other classic Mega Man games, Mega Man has an expandable Life and Energy bar that can be enhanced by finding Items, similar to the Life Up item from the Mega Man X series.

There is a total of 50 Robot Masters to defeat. Each one giving Mega Man a special weapon or special ability.

Among Megacity there are multiple vehicles like motorcycles, flying motos, bombing cars and jet packs to help the player advance faster trough the city.

While roaming by the city the player will find several facilities which have their respective transporters (entrance), once in you will find 2-3 robot masters by facility.


Magnetic Transfer Facility

Robot Master Music Theme Drop
Needle Man Multi Shot
Magnet Man Magnet Pulse


Robot Master Music Theme Drop
Drill Man Drill Upgrade
Guts Man Life Module
Hard Man Hard Armour


Robot Master Music Theme Drop
Heat Man Flame Shot
Flame Man Flame Wall
Magma Man Magma Blast


Robot Master Music Theme Drop
Bright Man Bright Beacon
Ring Man Ring Shot
Ballade Seeking Atom


Robot Master Music Theme Drop
Metal Man Gear Shot
Top Man Spinning Tops
Punk Saw Shot

Waste Processing Facility

Robot Master Music Theme Drop
Dust Man Garbage Thrower
Crash Man Missiles
Charge Man Charge Boost

Air Processing Facility

Robot Master Music Theme Drop
Air Man Wind Shot
Tornado Man Floating Platforms
Gyro Man Energy Generator

Water Purification Plant

Robot Master Music Theme Drop
Toad Man Toad Hop
Bubble Man Bubble Sheild
Splash Woman Aqua Laser

Power Station

Robot Master Music Theme Drop
Spark Man Spark Shot
Elec Man Elec Blast
Enker PowerBoost Module


Robot Master Music Theme Drop
Crystal Man Deflector Sheild
Quick Man QuickBoost
Solar Man Solar Flare

Cold Storage

Robot Master Music Theme Drop
Flash Man Flash
Jewel Man Jewel Turrets
Chill Man Ice Needle

Maintenance Tunnels

Robot Master Music Theme Drop
Skull Man Skull Bomb
Shadow Man Intangibility Drive
Gemini Man Gemini Laser

Mega City

Robot Master Music Theme Drop
Wood Man MM10DW3 Orbiting Leaves
Bomb Man PowerBoost Module+
Plug Man Energy Generator+
Napalm Man ??? Life Module+
Bass Auto Gun
Zero Prime MM10DW3 N/A


Boss Music Theme
Super Bass
Yellow Devil
Final Zero Prime N/A


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