with the whole Megaman Star force Fiasco,the game producer was sued in 20XX.Almost bankrupted,they invested everything they had in a new megaman that would hopefully skyrocket their fame,associates & bank account.with help from the brazil's president and Orkut program creators,they created a new game console,the PlayBox,to be connected to the PS2 and alter it so that,while the PlayBox was there,make the PlayStation 2 be able to use the PlayBox's games,plus,special programs dowloable by the computer and sendable to the PlayBox via internet cable BOTH made other games playable,but also,if you performed certain acts in-game (like defeating bosses) you could use Minigames!althoulgh you had to have the "PlayBox game profile" App on the orkut to use them,otherwise that option would be Dark.


Quint is now back to his home dimension after nanosseconds(who were actually YEARS) of dimensional time travel to fix destroyed worlds.he has not aged at all.he meets dr.tom light and mrs.wily,who are boys. they warn him that the incarnation of bass's hatred,chivalrus,and his future version,Megaman shadow, are are destroying every thing on a Mecha-King Zilla Mechaniloid.he defeats them,but they run away.They broadcast a message on a big hologram:

atention,(you worthless)humans!we hereby declare that earth is DOOMED[thunder]!Your (useless piece of scrap metal)Defender,Quint,will not be able to disable our Sigma bomb!With its sigma rays,it will turn any opposition,and us,into DUST[thunder]!MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA[double thunder][creepy music]!!!!!!!!!!!!! [cut to boss select] Nimbus man Shock man Torque man Stove man Vital girl Vibro man Naja woman

Healing fortress:Meddy Strange fortress: Quint Proto (details:proto says:"hello,Quint.i'm Quint Proto,and while your purpose is to protect the humans,mine is,quite simply:...TO DESTROY YOU(thunder)!) Adamantium fortress:Adamant Man secret Quint Assasin:volcano Man

Quint has defeated ALL of them now.


after you defeated the secret boss,you play the "quint final" minigame in which you fight Chivalrus in an ostrich-like mechaniloid,and Megaman Shadow in a ride armor.

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