This Movie is about a young boy who gets put in an orfinage and finds the Megaman Armor. All trailers will be played on the Main Page and the Movie Will Debute on July 13 2009.

Major Characters

Megaman/Rock- Main Protaganist.

Dr. Light- Creater of the Mega Suits and the power suites.

Dr. Wiley- Main Antagonist.

P. R. Padenskey/Gutsman- Mofia 18th in command local drug dealer.

Flint/Fireman- Local Bank Robber. has robbed 3 Banks for Chilly.

Chilly/Iceman- Local Gang Boss.

Beany/Bombman- P. R. Padenskey's Younger Brother. Suicide Bomber.

Jimmy John Lenra/Elecman- Local Drug Dealer. has done beasniss with Narrow and Rock Before.

Narrow/Cutman- Local Gang Banger. has done buisness with Jimmy John Lenra. is in the same Gang as Leon.

Roll- Leon's Sister.

Jarred/Coby Megaman- Leon's Older Brother. Yellow Devil. Wiley's Main Henchman.


Metropolis Alleys

Metropolis Orfinag

Metropolis Streets

Metropolis Towers

Metropolis Island

Metropolis Labratory

Metropolis Skys

WIley's Castle


Deep Deep Deep in the Streets of Metropolis.