"„After the defeat of Lord C and the Twelve Orders,much things happened and changed...The world remained at eternally peace,so they thinked...Until a day a new villian appeared.A fiennd-like green thing called Lord Fuse.He created new mechaniloids infected whit the Fusion virus.As he saw we defeated all of them, he created evil altered egos of us all called Fusions.They should be defeated but it were hard, and the fusion virus spread in the whole world...But surprisingly, Two of the remained heroes, Zero and Iris build a cardboard castle that surprisingly, were safe and no fusion monster could enter...Everyone, villian and good, united and created an fuse-fighting emporium called Bezantyne Emporium.But some good and bad persons did not entered in the team so they should be rescued and saved.Every city was infected by the fusion virus but if we are togheter ; WE cand do everything! Then lets begin our last adventure, for our world!!!„"
―The story of MMX:World of X, [[{{{3}}}]]

Megaman X:World of X or Mega Man X S3&K is a Mega Man X fan game.


  • Mobium/Mobium City
  • Null Void (Training Stage-The first first stage from the game)
  • Maverick Hunter Botanical District (After Training Stage)

World Types

  • The Suburbs-are suburbial zones reffering to little towns.
  • The Wilds-are wildness forests and canyons.
  • The Downtown-Probably the most technologic, futurisic and advanced world type.It has giant metropoles, huge buildings and enemies more.
  • The Palisades (Not reffering to Pristine Parisade)- are aquatic-based cities and buildings.
  • The Darklands-is a special world type and these zones arent obligatory, they are more special stages but there lies the lair of Fuse!
  • Unknown-are areas outside the borders, probably the most deserted areas from the game where fuse still invaded but there is nothing to see.
  • The Offworlds-Offworlds are areas darkened by dark sky and as they are scattered all around the mobius, the player can find them not everywhere.(Note:Offworld Platza is not an Offworld).
  • The Districts-Districts are really Green places that are propierty of none than Lord C.Now that Botanical beautifullnesses are infected by Fuse.


These all Regions have Present (The first half of the game) and Future (The second and last part of the game).To see the regions look at World Types.


The game features characters whit X can deal, speak and fight.

  • Zero
  • Iris
  • Axl
  • Britney
  • Colonel
  • General
  • Zergeeok
  • Edd
  • Eddy
  • HiHeeler
  • Garoru
  • Zara
  • Battle Kukku 15Th
  • Lou Gubrious
  • Flapjack
  • Brawlacus V
  • Dr. Fauna
  • Dr. Ivi Rottnik
  • Cinhtya McKayla McDragthock
  • Century Man (Secret Bonus)

Incomplete list


...Rest will be writen soon...

Fusion Egos

And more...

Final Boss

Artistical View

  • Dr. Ivo Robotnik:As much people I said about this game, (Including my Parents), think that this game is too violent for a Fanon game.My parents suggested to make an Artistical side of Megaman X:World of X.Well, I had NO IDEA but some of my friends said I could create some „B-Quotes„ about the enemies (More Indeed, the fuse) so I stayed the all nights for to think about the B-Quotes (B-Quotes are wikian Quotes).As soon I finished, I put them in work.
  • Andy (One of my friends):Hey Gus (My real name :D), the quotes are nice but about fuse, they are a bit weak, you should add things like types, levels or...Umm..What do I know.This is from where I got the idea whit levels,types and boss.

I really say please to read my quotes and please talk about It and say how you thinl.Megaman X:World of X/BQuotes.

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