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Metal Man is the easiest second easiest third easiest Robot Master from Mega Man 2, AKA the Best Mega Man game ever.


Dr. Wily made Metal Man for combat purposes. But since Wily is stupid enough to model Metal Man after Cut Man, Metal Man is weak to the Mega Buster.

But he never really died. He is now figuring out his revenge alongside Quick Man against Mega Man (And Air Man).


You'll figure it out.

Human Life

Metal Man's real name was Harper Jose, a Hispanic dentist.



  • Metal Man, although the coolest ever Robot Master, literally can't beat Air Man, due to Air Man being immune to uber weapons.
  • Interestingly, Metal Man and Shadow Man are very similar, as they are the coolest Robot Masters in their respective games (although Metal Man is arguable, given the majority of RMs in 2 are awesome), weak to their own weapons, which are cutter weapons made of metal, and neither of their weapons can touch Air Man and are strong against Bubble Man.

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