"...We need to hurry, I believe we skipped 18 seconds..."-Nero, to Shadow.

Nero Diavolo is a smart and perceptive boy and is the main protagonist of the series MegaMan Star Force Revised, he most-likely plays chess with King.EXE Navi which he created himself before being adopted by the Conscienta Family. A rich family that runs a factory that makes JK Archs the counterpart of VG Hunters. Though, he rarely stays with the family, he uses their last name only if he needs access to some private places, or when he needs to hide his identity. Later in the series, he learns to open up to the only daughter of the Conscienta Family, Serene Conscienta, who is also Nero's love interest shown later in the series. His usual spot is the clock-tower. His partner is Shadow a KM-ian being who dislikes his kind and is shown to be loyal to Nero.Although only meeting a EM being the first time, he shows interest in him and immediately asks him to play chess which Shadow agrees. Earlier in the series, he discovers his ability which he calls Visualizer, it allows him to see the Wave World which he knows a lot about.

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