„But Lord C, They just belong to us.If we simply destroy or auto-destroy them the Regal forces will be downed in the member number...I better take it on my way.I just know I say this too much times but this time...Nothing will stop me this time!„

Pir”Oth Ix
Vital statistics
Title Giga wizard of head giga team
Gender Male??
Race Head Furious spirit
Faction Evil
Health Unspecified
Level Collision Chaos
Status Dead??
Location Unspecified

Pir”Oth Ix

Pir”Oth Ix, Piro-Othax exu or unspecified emperator Ix, was a old member of the army of Lord C.He is actually dead and very furious wizard.he leads a team called Head giga team.After his defeat, Pir”Oth hided himself in a old city called Collision Chaos.

Life in Collision Chaos

In Collision Chaos, he formed a new Head giga team from old robots and believed that he can live in that ruins.He discovered some important plants and returned to Lord C giving to him that plants.Lord C creally dont liked that new team and gived a impossible mission to them.That new team died and Ix was very undecided what to make.He discovered new humans and friends making the team of Lord C bigger.

Discovered importand plants

Collision Bluish Rose

Collision bluish plant

Ghinga Ore Plant

Ghinga ore plant

Metallica core madnes plant

Metallica core madnes plant

Prapozo plant

Prapozo plant

Dokuta Orhidee plant

Dokuta orhidee plant

Bellizard ore bubble plant

Bellizard ore bubble plant

Collision Chaos


Collision Chaos map 1
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