Plane Man

It's going to be sunny!
Vital statistics
Title DWN-082
Gender Male
Race Robot Master
Faction Good
Health 28
Level Very Easy
Status Alive
Location Sky

Plane Man is a robot made by Dr. Wily. His creator hate him because he tries his best to avoid fights, and beign "useless". He was rebuilt by Dr. Light into a weather forecast robot. His weapon was the Plane Missile. It simply dropped a missile. He is made of brittle materials. Each weapon do at least two damage to him, and is even weak to the Mega Buster. He is also weak to the Sidecar Bolt.


Plane Man looks like an orange and white airplane. His face is hidden below it's triange-shapen cockpit.


Plane Man has a very simple pattern. He remains in the sky most of the time. He drops several Plane Missiles at you before he swoops down to attack you. The cycle repeats.


A robot made by Dr. Wily. He was rebuilt into a weather forecast robot by Dr. Light.

  • Good Point: Cheerful
  • Bad Point: Trickster
  • Like: Dream
  • Dislike: Thunder
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