Racer Man (Paceman)

Vital statistics
Title Mega Man 12, Mega Man: Fusion Wars
Gender Male
Race Reploid
Faction Cold-Hearted
Health 9000
Level 90
Status Conquerer and Reaper
Location Abandoned REsearch Lab

Racer Man (Paceman in Japan) could be the most horrible nightmare ever to set foot on the Earth. He was a boss from Mega Man 12, he also appeared in Mega Man: Fusion Wars.


He is filled with nothing but hatred, jealousy, emptiness and revenge. He believes that because of the way humans treat robots, they all don't deserve to live. He has a lust for blood and a hunger for power as well as a hate for his brothers and sisters. The one he hated most of all was Dr. Light. The reason why he hates him is because he didn't equip him with a heart. He's the most deadly enemy in the game. A fire burns in him as he thrashes through every opponent he wishes to kill. In fact, he even face-planted Cut Man and ripped his core right through his back between his shoulder blades (ouch), he choked Elec Man to death, set Ice Man on fire from the inside-out, snapped Fire Man's neck and ripped Guts Man's head clean off. Proto Man's death was just as slow and painful. Racer Man stuck his dagger through Proto Man's proccesor.


After being defeated by Mega Man the first time, he wanted revenge for his humiliation. He upgrades himself, giving him greater speed and the ability to transform himself into various versions of himself. He continueously challenges him until he's in Wily's chamber of the fortress. After Wily escapes, Racer Man appears and transforms the fortress into a giant mechanoloid known as "Colossus."


When he goes for the dash (which is when he starts blinking)...JUMP!! JUMP FOR YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT!!!


This guy is the definition of violent and pure evil. He kills whoever he wants even if it's a friend or a relative.


He kinda reminds me of Metal Sonic from Sonic CD (speaking of, that's who I based him after). His breathing is similar to Darth Vader. He also seems to act as if he's a Terminator.--AcromanX3 15:32, 23 August 2009 (UTC)AcromanX3

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