Rebellion Army Rebellion (リベリオン Riberion?, mistranslated Liberion in the US manual) for short, is a group of Reploids who serve as the primary antagonists in the game Mega Man X: Command Mission. Led by their charismatic leader Epsilon , the Rebellion Army strives to evolve by their own will by the use of a mysterious and powerful ore called Force Metal.


Some time after Epsilon's creation, he declared himself commander and announced the independence of Giga City island, starting a rebellion. Epsilon banished all humans from the island, and demanded the government to recognize Giga City as an independent Reploid state. In response to Epsilon's uprising, the government sent a task force under the command of Colonel Redips. Most of the agents that infiltrated the island were never heard of again, and it is thought that some became Mavericks and joined the Rebellion Army. The next team sent consist of the high-performance Reploids X, Zero and Shadow. Shadow would then betray X and Zero, forcing the two to separate.

As X joined with the Resistance group and build up a fighting force, the Rebellion continued their work on Force Metal refinement, eventually creating a new type called Supra-Force Metal. It was their goal to use the Supra-Force Metal as the warhead for a missile to act as a way to force other nations to respect their goals. Unknown to all, Botos began making plans of his own to take the metal for himself and take control.

Ultimately, all of the Rebellion members were killed by X and his party.

Notable Members


  • Epsilon

Rebellion Army Cadres

  • Scarface
  • Ferham
  • Botos (turned traitor)

Other Members

  • Wild Jango
  • Silver Horn
  • Dr. Psyche (defected to the Army)
  • Mach Jentra
  • Incentas
  • Shadow (defected to the Army)
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