The Repliforce (レプリフォース Repurifōsu?), referred to as the Reploid Force in Mega Man Xtreme 2 and Mega Man X5, is a militia group of Reploids that was created by Dr. Cain between Mega Man X3 and X4. The organization was to compensate for the failure of Sigma and Dr. Doppler, conduct further Reploid research and development, and maximize overall Reploid efficiency. It was also to provide support for the Maverick Hunters, to increase their response time and further reduce Maverick activity. However, this proved ineffective and Maverick activity increased at an alarming rate. With wide-scale rioting causing destruction world wide, Repliforce was considered ultimately ineffective and itself potentially dangerous.

In Mega Man X4, the Repliforce was branded as Mavericks, because it was believed that they had attacked Sky Lagoon, an act really committed by the traitor Maverick Hunter Magma Dragoon. In return for this accusation, their leader, General, retaliated by pushing a movement for Reploid independence, an act that the Maverick Hunters viewed as a coup d'état. In reality, Sigma was pulling all the strings, manipulating events from behind the scenes. A significant blow to the Repliforce was the settling of the conflict, which resulted in the deaths of the two major figures of the organization, Colonel and General. Iris, the Colonel's sister, was also a victim of the conflict.

Two surviving members appeared in Mega Man X5, The Skiver and Mattrex. Both were hunted and killed as Mavericks: The Skiver after being infected with the Sigma Virus, and Mattrex was destroyed due to a misunderstanding (he foolishly insisted on fighting the Maverick Hunters, believing that they intended to retire him even when they outright told him that they wanted nothing of the sort).


Main Leadership

  • General (Commander-in-Chief)
  • Colonel (Second-in-Command)

Reploid Army

  • Slash Beast (Captain)

Reploid Navy

Reploid Air Force

  • Storm Owl (Commander X4)
  • The Skiver (Commander Post-X4 and corrupted by the Sigma Virus )

Reploid Special Forces

  • Web Spider (Guerrilla Unit Commander)

Reploid Arctic Force

  • Frost Walrus

Repliforce Disaster Prevention

  • Mattrex (Member Pre-X4)
    • Despite being a member of Repliforce, he took part in criminal activities, having maintained a secret warehouse inside the volcano in which he was stationed to house illegal weapons that he created.
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