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20XII, Dr. Wily is released from jail. serving a sentence of 10 years in prison. back to your laboratory. discover a new way to destroy Mega Man. It was starting with its creator. Dr. Light. Wily I create a new combat robot, called Hitman, which would kidnap Dr. Light and Roll. Only Auto, Rush and Proto Man remaining. Mega Man takes a big surprise when he finds Proto Man weakened. he discovers that Dr. Wily fled the prison. Mega Man is going to capture Wily, but Proto Man tells him that Hitman is Strong, and that he could not against himself. so Mega Man should be accompanied by Proto Man. Dr. Wily Builds 8 Robots Masters to delay Mega Man while he finishes with Dr. Light and Roll. After defeating the 8 Robots Masters and obtaining their powers, Proto Man arrives with Mega Man and tells him that he discovered that Hitman is a robot controlled by Wily and that he has learned from the attack patterns of the two. so they would have to defeat Hitman the two together and destroy his Castle. They discover that Hitman had Roll and Dr. Light is about to be killed by Wily. Mega Man and Proto Man Arrive with Wily before Dr. Light was killed. Proto Man Angry tries to take down Wily, but Hitman returns with more violence and destroys Proto Man. Mega Man defeats Hitman by releasing Dr. Light, Wily hides in his machine to destroy Mega Man, but easily defeats his Machine, leaving his capsule. which is about to be destroyed, but before exploding, Wily flees to an unknown place. Mega Man flees quickly with Dr Light. Having to leave Proto Man. Mega Man realizes that what he is living is just a dream and that nothing has happened. and that Dr. Wily has fled. but that nothing has happened so far.


Boss Weapon Weakness
Toxic Man Acid Rain Wind Bomb
Shine Man Dizziness Flash Acid Rain
Egyptian Man Flaming Shot Flash Light
Archer Man Arrow Spear Flaming Shot
Space Man Astro Bomber War Arrow
Breeze Man Jet Blade Astro Bomber
Horming Man Search Missile Jet Blade
Tunnel Man Wind Bomb Search Missile

Hitman's Castle Bosses

Boss Weapon Weakness
Hitman's Hologram 1 Plasma Laser Wind Bomb
Hitman's Hologram 2 Magic Spark/Flying Spin Jet Blade
Hitman's Hologram 3 Magnetic Vision/Plasma Laser War Arrow
Hitman Dash Attack/Plasma Lasser/Magic Spark Astro Bomber

Dr. Wily's Castle Bosses

Boss Weapon Weakness
Mega Man's Bad Hologram Your Weapons Mega Buster/Flaming Shot
Grand Met's Tank Mets/Plasma Cannon Astro Bomber
Bomb Blocks Grenades Jet Blade
Cut Man's Rocket Search Torpedos Astro Bomber/Burning Sand
Hitman (True Boss) Plasma Laser Mega Buster/War Arrow
Wily Machine No. 2 Plasma Cannon Search Missile
Wily's Capsule Ultra Cannon Acid Rain


Mega Man Making a 'Acid Rain'

1.- Acid Rain

The Acid Rain Burns any object that makes a circuit of electricity. it is a rain of acid which can disintegrate any electrical element. It is Effective against Shine Man

  • Is effective against Shine Man
  • Burns any shocker element
  • Changes Mega Man Color to Green/White

2.- Dizziness Flash

Dizziness Flash

The Dizziness Flash creates a blinking light that paralyzes the enemies for a period of time. It also serves to illuminate the dark areas for a short time. it can not paralyze mini-bosses or Hitman and the Wily Machines. is Effective against Egyptian Man

  • Is effective against Egyptian Man
  • Paralyzes the enemies for a little time.
  • Create a Flash in Dark Zones
  • Changes Mega Man Color to Light Blue/White

3.- Flaming Shot

Flaming Shot

The Burning Sand creates a ball of sand which is lit in flames, like Flash Light, creates a longer flash in dark areas, is like a sun, can also light torches which creates light. When used in areas of plants and trees, it would create a fire, releasing secrets in the area. it is not possible to use it in water areas. which would only generate the sand ball. is effective against Archer Man

  • Is effective against Archer Man
  • Creates a longer flash in dark areas
  • Can also light torches
  • Creates a fire in a forest area
  • Is not possible to use in water areas
  • Changes Mega Man Color to Orange/Light Yellow

4.- War Arrow

Mega Man Shooting a 'War Arrow'

The War Arrow fires an arrow that is able to interrupt the attack of any enemy. but it can not hurt enemies with armor or with high resistance. The arrow can be shot at a random place. is effective against Space Man

  • Is Effective against Space Man
  • Interrupt the attack of any enemy
  • Can not hurt enemies with armor o with high resistance
  • The Arrow be Shot at a random place
  • Changes Mega Man Color to Light Brown/Pale Blue

5.- Astro Bomber


The Astro Bomber fires an astronomical bomb which is attached to any object to which it is fired. with the explosion of this bomb. it will do more and more damage to kill the enemy with just one hit. this pump can only be fired only 5 times. since with its damage this is very easy to spend, is effective against Breeze Man

  • Is Effective against Breeze Man
  • It can kill the enemy with one hit
  • That will do more and more damage
  • can only be fired only 5 times
  • Changes Mega Man Color to Green/Gray

6.- Jet Blade


The Jet Blade creates a flying blade which can be manipulated where it can go, the sword that generates this blade can break generators, walls and can kill thousands of bosses in just one attack. is effective against Horming Man

  • Is effective against Horming Man
  • Can be manipulated where it can go
  • Can break generators and walls.
  • Change Mega Man Color to Gray/White

7.- Search Missile


The Search Missile fires a Missile that chases enemies. easily destroys rockets and generators. is effective against Tunnel Man

  • Is effective against Tunnel Man
  • Search the enemies
  • Destroys easily rockets and generators
  • Change Mega Man Color to Red/Pink

8.- Wind Bomb


The Wind Bomb launches a drill that breaks the rocks from an explosion, is a powerful weapon but quite fast to spend, because it can destroy an enemy very easy to be a drill. is effective against Toxic Man

  • Is effective against Toxic Man
  • Breaks the Rocks from an explosion
  • Fast to Spend
  • Changes Mega Man Color to Brown/Violet