"Heh, Don't Worry Doc. My Bro won't stand a chance!"
Vital statistics
Title The Destructoid Megaman
Gender Male
Race Destructoidan
Faction Destructoid Numbers
Health ???
Level N/A
Status Alive And Well
Location Destructoid Fortress
Deadpool (???)
"I Am Deadpool! Let's Have Fun!"
Vital statistics
Title The Merc With The Mouth
Gender Male
Race Human/Destructoidan
Faction Destructoid Numbers
Health ???
Level N/A
Status Alive And Well
Location Deadpool (???)'s Secret Stage

  Slice, Better known in both regions as "Rockman Ego", The Main Vllian Of Megaman: Attack Of The Destructoidans And Megaman's Destructoidan Counterpart. He Likes to have fun and toy with others so they let their guard down. 


As Slice

Originally Created to be a Helper for roll and a partner for Megaman. Slice Has a strong weapon known as the "Slicer Buster ", Made To Be A Complete Fusion Of Protoman And Megaman's Busters. Slice Was A Complete Sucess But Was Stolen By Dr. Destructoid To Be The First Of The Many Destructoid Numbers!

As Deadpool ???

As The Mysterious Sucessor Of The Merc With The Mouth, Slice Now Can Use His Ninja Tactics And Skills In The Battlefront Allowing Him To Be Much More Swift And Agile Then The Other Fighters. His Main weapon As Deadpool ??? is The "Blood Sword", The Sword version of the slicer buster was made by Dr Destructoid,. Slice even Sonuds and Acts Like The Real Deadpool Perfectly. I Wonder how.


Theme Songs


Destructoid Fortress Rematch

The Detructoid Fortress Rematch


Deadpool (???)'s Secret Stage Theme

Slice/Deadpool (???)'s Stage


Robot Master Destructoidan Battle

Robot Master/Destructoidan Battle Theme

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