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Picture of the box art of Rockmen R2.

Rockmen R2: Dr. Wily's Restart!! (ロックメン R2: Dr.ワイリーの再起!!?) is a Japanese Doujin-soft PC game released byCapricorn in February 2018. The game stars Roll, and features a unique cast of Robot Masters as well as a new robot called Piano.


With the success of Roll, the Wily corps was destroyed and hidden. And the second Robot Championship was held to train Robot development engineers against Wily. When the opening ceremony, the old man of the investor got up to the stage and ordered, the guards Robot began to rampage! Defeating the fleeting silence, Wily again took over the world conquest!

Robot Masters

Rockmen R2 features a brand-new cast of Robot Masters and some friends from the past. The new Robot Masters were built or modified by Dr. Wily.

Name Weapon Main weakness
Penetrate Man Joint Beat
Erupution Woman Erupution Wave
Hail Man Hail Storm
Vanish Man Vanish Hole
Halo Man Halo Flash
Analysis Man Plasma Shield
Hide Man Sonic Slasher
Deluge Man Strike Mine



Rockmen R2 Gameplay

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