Sadistic Sobek
Sadistic Sobek.png
"Hissss! I'll make pâté out of you!"
Vital statistics
Title Corrupted muscle of the fertile delta
Gender Male-Programming
Race Reploid
Faction Egyptian Archaeological Summit
Relic Mavericks
Health 36
Level Unspecified
Status Decommissionable (Tempo 5)
Location Nile Delta, Africa

Dr. Sobek is a Type-VII Brute-Chassis Reploid (a "Jock Temproid") who operated as the primary muscle for Professor Fennec's archaeological team in Egypt. He was one of the crew that worked the unearthing an ancient ruined tower that was believed to have last been used at some point during the 2100s, where he did much of the heavy lifting himself. He was loud and boisterous as well as stubborn, he stuck out like a sore thumb amongst the rest of his team, who were generally more refined than he was. This "personality flaw" was a major issue with Fennec, and the two often got into heated arguments that would have come to blows each and every time had it not been for their fellow colleague Dr. Thoth's powerful mediation techniques. Even so, Fennec and Sobek quickly decayed their relationship until each hated the other.

Behind the scenes


The origin species of Sadistic Sobek: the gharial (gavialis gangeticus).

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