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Shadow Man
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Shadow Man (Pop'n Music Form)
SeasonTechnoliner, Mega Man 3
Eye ColorRed
First AppearanceBy Yobushingo Kageko's trans
Theme ColorBlue
Main WeaponShadow Blade

Shadow Man, also known as Kage, Is a Robot Master built to resemble a ninja and also behave much like one. He also was given kokoro, his own thoughts and spirit. A long time ago, an incredibly powerful Robot Master named Mega Man travelled to the planet where Kage lived. He fought defensively, trying to stay alive. Alas, he failed. MegaMan exterminated Kage...or so he thought. When Kage awoke, he collected himself and put himself back together. He then entered an artificial hibernation capsule and hibernated for 40 years. One day, he awoke to see his master, Zetnen, standing in front of him. Zetnen, taught him how to be one with the spirit world and reality.


Below are some of Shadow Man's techniques. Click here to see all his techniques.

Name Image
Play DeadJutsuPlayDead
Shadow CloneJutsuBunshin
KawarimiKawarimi WoodManPB
ShoukanJutsuSummon1 JutsuSummon2
Gatoringu no JutsuJutsuKickAss

Human Life

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Shadow Man's real name was Yobushingo Kageko, a man with his village life. He had a grandfather who died by heart failure, then moves to his master.

Mostly, he had a crush on Taiyobomi Sayaka, a geisha-styled and elegant girl.



  • Interestingly, Metal Man and Shadow Man are very similar, as they are the coolest Robot Masters in their respective games (although Metal Man is arguable, given the majority of RMs in 2 are awesome), weak to their own weapons, which are cutter weapons made of metal, and neither of their weapons can touch Air Man and are strong against Bubble Man.