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Shock Man is a character from the game Mega Man Rock Force. He bears JMN-006 as his serial number. His purpose was to provide temporary bridge circuits that needed repair, though his ability to conduct and produce high-voltage shocks made him very dangerous in his rogue state, which is why Justice Man went crazy.

Bio Description

Shock Man was the lead robot at Monsteropolis' main hydroelectric plant and served to temporarily bridge circuits that needed repair. He is capable of conducting and producing shocks of extremely high voltage, which made him incredibly dangerous in his rogue state. After his manufacturers repaired his defects, he was sent back to work; though, many humans that worked alongside him became uneasy when he returned. Ever since, he has longed to pursue other lines of work, or simply be scrapped, since he now lacks human friends and no longer enjoys his job.


Damage Chart

Mega Man Rock Force
Mega Buster Tango Beat Charade Clone Circuit Breaker Crypt Cloak Phantom Fuse Photon Flare Pulse Stopper Shock Gauntlet Virus Outbreak
1/3 2 1 1 4 1 1 1 1 1 1
Bomb Man Cut Man Dive Man Elec Man Fire Man Knight Man Nitro Man Tornado Man
1 1 1/1/2 1 1 2 2/1 1/2/2

* numbers following slashes indicate charged shot or alternate attack


  • Shock Man is one of the only two robot masters to be fought thrice in Rock Force, the other is Charade Man.
  • Shock Man's intro boss fight is the only boss that cannot award a Perfect Beat Part for a successful perfect run.