In the fangame Megaman Masters Dr. Wily created 8 new robots to take over the world these brute soldiers were built with no regerd for the feelings or troubles of others these robots were known as the BDN. series (Bassium Destruction Number) being the second made BDN. 002 he is not as strong as the first one but he is very powerful

Megaman Masters

Shockman is an electric BDN. Robot Master who has been created with a resistor for all earthquake like attacks because he isn't as strong as Archman so Dr. Wily didn't bother building a control chip into his systems his main weapon the Shock Missile is very powerful and can target an enemy and follow them and once it has a target locked it will open and release 5000 watts of power he can also fire a charged laser beam.


Wily Card Data

A robot built to suck the electric energy from the world by absorbing it from power plants his attack the Shock Missle allows him destroy any type of metal it is also able to paralyze enemies for short periods of time.
"I'll give you a shocking fight that you'll never forget!"
Good point: Shocking personality
Bad point: Very defensive
Like: Eating Batteries
Dislike: Oblivious people

Power & Abilities

Shockman was built to be able to withstand even the most powerful earthquakes.

  • Shock Missile: A powerful Targeting Missile that can paralyze any enemy for a short period of time it can also harshly damage them
  • Thunder Charge: A charged laser that can obliterate almost any substance


Megaman Masters

  • "I've been waiting to destroy you Megaman."
  • "Your miserable weapons cannot defeat me."
  • "How .. could this have happend."