"To unite the universe is our goal."
Vital statistics
Title Supreme Leader of the Stardroids
Gender Male
Race Machine
Faction Created by the Constellation Droid known as Apollo
Health 1200
Level 90
Status God of the sun in his father's place
Location Star Cruiser

Sunstar is one of the kind rulers of the universe and the supreme leader of Stardroids. He is also Luxor Sphinx's right-hand-man on Xemicron.


He was aboard the Stardroid's Star Cruiser cruising our Solar System when he detected the presence of evil on planet Earth. He then set course there and confronted Dr. Wily alongside Proto Man and the other Stardroids.


He is one ofthe main characters in the movie title Sky Sailor.


He shoots fireballs from his fingers and uses his hands for an attack he calls the Supernova.


  • "I feel that Pluto will be just fine on his own. After all, he's a warrior is he not."


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