Vital statistics
Title New Challenger
Gender Male
Race Robot Master
Faction Wily Robotics
Health 30
Level {{{level}}}
Status Alive and Well
Location Thadeus Wily's Arctic Base

Synth is a robot master developed by Thadeus Wily as a way to prove his superiority to his estranged father. Based off stolen Proto Man designs, Synth represents another way the Robot Master project could have gone.


Thadeus Wily always believed his father, Albert, brought shame to the family name whenever he attempted world domination. As such, he considered himself superior, and developed many robot masters meant to rival those of his father. His first such robot was Synth.

Unlike his creator, Synth was made to be very humble. He refers to Thadeus as "Master," and speaks very politely even to his enemies. He was given a Weapon Copy system similar to that of Mega Man, and displays examples of true Free Will.


Synth appears in many games challenging the player about midway through. His alliances are somewhat murky, as it is known he is against Dr. Wily, yet he hinders the player's progress. In other games, however, he appears as a playable character.


Synth is a melee fighter, who uses a prototype energy blade. He relies on speed more than anything in a fight. Frequently, he will charge at the player, then stand still for one second. It is during this time that he is at his most vulnerable.


"Mega Man. It it good to finally meet you. The Master has asked that I fight you, now. Please, do not hold back."

"Proto Man, hello. You do not know me, but I'm afraid it is time we fight. Do not go easy on me."

"Good afternoon, Bass. The Master has requested that I defeat you, and prove his superiority. I hope you will not hold back."

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