The Discovery of Model W by Zack M.


  • Based off of the data disks in Mega Man ZX.
  • All characters and story excerpts copyright: Capcom. All rights reserved.

It's been 3½ years since Zero presumably died destroying Ragnarok by defeating Weil (or Vile, for Japanese readers). Ciel and her Resistance recon unit were searching the "outlands" for reploids in danger. They also went with an archeological team, led by Serpent. When they came upon a mountain region, the archeological research team went to investigate, hoping for a new type of energy. The recon unit also went with. They set up camp there. After the first few days, Ciel decided that the teams should start digging. After hours, the dirt caved in. Serpent wanted to go into the new-found cave first, but Ciel waved him off, hoping that he wouldn't take anything for himself. She and a certain other member went in first. She and the man had then found a strange floating metal that had the design of Weil's mechanical body within a glass tube. Ciel saw this as a bad sign. But the research continued. As a result, six other Biometals were formed. These were models X, Z, H, F, L, and P, based off of X, Zero, Sage Harpuia, Fairy Leviathan, Fighting Fefnir, and Hidden Phantom, respectivly. When a few of the researchers reported strange head aches, Ciel told the recon unit to report back to the surface. Serpent then touched "Model W," and as such, he ended up going Maverick! He then transformed into a sort of "armor" and began killing Resistance members. The mysterious man who found the biometal managed to save Ciel, and Models X and Z. Years after the incident, Ciel retired, and left Alouette in charge, and so, the name of the team was chaged from "Resistance" to "Guardians."