Time man is a robot master created by Light that can plan anything AND everything, thinks up every little detail,

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and isn't in the least bit redundant, repetitive, or repeats the same type of word over and over.


He was created by Doctor Light to know what time it is West, South, East, and North, but then he planned everything out, he knew Wily would betray everybody, he knew Rock would turn into Megaman, he knew that Megaman would defeat him, so, he just went along with everything that followed.


Everything in the first game was planned by Timeman, this person on the very page you are reading, the very person you are talking about.


He allows you to win, but not that easily.

He also has another plan, but he won't tell you.


  • "Just as planned"
  • "What do you mean I'm redundant, annoying, reiterative, and repeat every single word, every sentence, just in the form of another word type?"


  • He plans everything, EVERYTHING, he even planned on you reading and editing this page.

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  • Air Man He plans on defeating Air man.

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