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Tundra Man is the only homosexual robot master.

Romantic Interests 

  • Torch Man(broken up)
  • Gemini Man(attracted)- He really adores Gemini Man however, Gemini Man knows that he falls in love with him.
  • Blizzard Man(attracted)-Yet, Tundra Man was not related to Blizzard Man, he uses his blizzard storms, then was broke up.
  • Fuse Man(broken up)
  • Crash Man(broken up)
  • Chill Man(attracted)- Sometimes, but Chill Man isn't interested.


  • Possibly Tundra Man is homosexual because of the long ponytail he has in his hair.
  • Possibly it is the 2nd homosexual robot master with Launch Octopus.
  • The origin of the long ponytail you have in your hair is unknown.
  • In real life, there are few homosexual men with that queue that Tundra Man has.
  • Quite possibly, it is an error or detail that Capcom put on Megaman 11 to present homosexuality to his games.
  • During the beta version of Megaman 11, Tundra Man would originally be called "Tundra Woman", where it would possibly be Megaman's 2nd female robot master with Splash Woman, although, this was never released in the final version of Megaman 11, it could still be in the internal files of the game, named Tundra Man in the final version of Megaman 11.