My creations

-Hello, these are just my little BIG Maps, I hope you like it so enjoy.

If want, I allow to save, edit and recolor my maps.

Most of them are bad edited.

Map 1 Collision Chaos, yes the Collision Chaos in wich Pir”oth Ix lived

Collision Chaos map 1.png

Map 2 InWork Collision site

InWork Collision site map 2.png

Map 3 Botanical Base day

Botanical base day map -3.png

Map 4 Botanical Base night

Botanical base night map 4.png

I work on more maps, for first, these are my first maps.

If someone has a idea for a new map, contact me.I will put in creation every new idea.

Teh Susu.jpg

== == == == ==


In here

Is should be a great editor beacause I am excellent at fanon but it does not went.


As a real person I can say that I am nice.For bios read the followings.

-This is is for the idea

Favorite word: Mino

Word I dislike: Zero

Favorite quote/Main quote:-This is it for the idea.

Like: British,Megaman Zero games (I never played a Z Game)

Dislike: Zero, Iris (Both of them are MMX Characters), ****** (I dislike one more thing but I would not show this as public, If want to know, just aske ME)

Favorite character/s: The eight gentle judges

Specialized in: Recolors, paint, draws, writtings, creating, editing etc


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