Hello people!

I am writting this partially crying, it is four years since I left Megaman fanon wiki.I cannot tell you how many things have changed.First, I need to apologize for my crippled grammar in all my pages, I was young back then.I know I wrote stupid-written pages relentless and, oh, all those good memories from the site.Are my good old friends still here? Somariona? Ericard? I miss you guys so much.

In four years, I have changed a lot, unrecognizable I could say, but well, the wiki remained the same.I am terribly sorry for my appalling grammar used in over a ton of pages I wrote but, I preffer not touching them.I am nostalgic re-reading them and I feel that I am not permitted to touch such good memories.

I think I forgot about the wiki in all those four years at large, I don't even like megaman anymore to be honest and I changed a ton as I said before.I am pretty unable to return here, I can say I have a busy life but if anyone is still reading those lines, I miss you.

-Regards, Ivo

Semper fidelis

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