• If two admins want to block themselves, just the one whit more edits can block the other.
  • ...If a new user registered, if he does not have more than 50 edits after a week, he will be blocked permanently.
  • If a user insulted a character, game or location Etc, he will be blocked.
  • Every Blog must have at leats or more comments than 1.
  • If a wikia insulted us we will start war just whit the admins or bureaucrats that have more edits than 200.
  • The pages that could/can/must be edited or are just stubs or in expansion, must be eited in 5 days and if its not edited in 5 days, it will be deleted.
  • Major stages from games must be icconed (Have an icon)
  • If we create animes, we shall add some photos right??
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