Mega Man Fanon Wiki

Hello everyone, Its me again, Robotnik, and in the while I was gone from this wiki, I saw that the users created beautiful pages.They had excellent ideas and I would want to say something to them all:

-Dears users of the MMFW Fanon, please, invite more peaople on the wiki, so we can be the biggest fanon the world ever saw.We worth more! We need more! We will do more! We will expand the wiki until the wiki will have 10000000000000000 pages, or even more!We can do this, just don`t be lazy. For our wiki!

So sin up below if you agree my idea and know what to do.


  1. Dr. Ivo Robotnik-I lead this action, and I say that the wiki should be bigger, expanded by its users! Be a hero, sign here and help your wiki.
  2. Somariona