M4N - 002, Master of Tropical Storms...

Hurricane Man's 'artwork'

Hurricane Man!

Robot Master Bio

- He was originally built for controlling and redirecting hurricane-force winds away from coastal lines. His built-in spinner systems let him redirect even Category 5 hurricanes.

Quote: "Oh, you'd just love my job. The wind in your hair, the excitement..."

Good Point: Valiant

Bad Point: Brags

Likes: Big thrills

Dislikes: - - -

Weapon: Spinning Tornado

Creates a small hurricane that starts diving low to the ground, then slowly rises back up, making it excellent as an antiair weapon while still fending off enemies on the ground. Charging the hurricane makes it much larger than before, dealing more damage. Either way, you can change the trajectory with the Up or Down arrow keys, and it travels faster along the water.

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