So, yeah. I'm creating a new Megaman fangame. I call it 'Megaman: A New Age' as it takes place decades after the classic series - around the 2040s and 2050s, to be exact.

As for the story of the game -

Dr. Wily and Dr. Light have passed away, but Megaman still lives to protect humanity. He now takes base with Dr. Cossack and his daughter, Kalinka Cossack, deep within Siberia, along with Roll, Eddie, Rush and other Light-created robots, but Dr. Light's original robots seem to have been scrapped after so many years...

So many events happened over the years... Protoman's core finally exploded on him in the last battle against Wily... a new robot named Eris appeared out of nowhere, crashing into Earth... a company called Maximum Robotics Industries spawned soon after that... it seems as if eons have passed, and yet is was only a decade or two.

Currently, Maximum Robotics Industries creates robots that help the Earth out, even a guard robot and card-shuffling robot was created by them. The robots they created are some of the most advanced yet - even more advanced than Megaman and his friends - they could be outdated easily if MRI decided to go commercial with thier production assembly. However...

Months after the company formed, a man named Maximillian V (I suck with naming people) inherited the company after his fathers unfortunate death. Later, robots were beginning to run amuck around the globe, punishing everything in sight!

As Megaman equips his Mega Buster, everyone is cheering him on. Maybe Wily is gone, but terror still exists in the world. Time to take it out!

On second thought, maybe I went a little awkwardly with the ending. Haha.

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