You may have noticed that I have been doing a lot of work on the wikia as of late. I certainly plan on doing much more in the coming days/weeks/months. I am behind actually on page creation, because I am waiting to see if my friend Mayhem will draw his versions of either Barrel Man or Eel Man, both of which I have the images for but posting on here causes them to post up on my facebook and I don't want to ruin his take on the characters by tarnishing it with my own view too early. However, as I am at work at the moment (it's break time, duh!), perhaps I will add them anyhow as adding Lamp Man's portrait yesterday (or was that the day before, now?) didn't seem to post to my facebook, which I cannot connect to on the work comps.

Yesterday I came up with six new Megaman Tempo hybrid-Mavericks to fill out the ideas behind the two existing Mavericks -- Rampant Loonicorn and Swift Chimpala. The new characters are Ambush Moliger, Voracious Swangler, Tantrum Sharkuckoo, Bossy Jackgrass, Clumsy Elephino and Gleek Gorillama, created in that order. Hope you're enjoying all the red links; they're there for future viewers when I've (hopefully) created the pages. I am really excited about drawing the art for these hybrid MkVII Reploids, but I have been asked to draw some of my Scovillains, so I will do at least two of these first. The two I plan on creating pages for soon are Jalapeño and Pasilla, so get ready to check those out, too.

I also plan on drawing the art for Talon Man, Singularity Man, Mail Man, Sal Man, Stagnant Man, Flounder Man, Wreck Man and Reich Man, which have all had concept sketches drawn out. Not only this, but I plan on drawing the chassis images for the other classes of MKVII Reploids from Megaman Tempo so that I can really start churning those guys out again, as well. So, yes, I have a lot ahead of me to do.

Today I officially named two of the newer Galaxy Droids -- Extermination Man and Leech Man -- and I also came up with a new one, as well: Trap Man. He may or may not be what you think, depending on if I decide to change who that name belongs to or not. Tonight, I will at least attempt to draw the two Scovillains, then hopefully another RM or even Voracious Swangler. I don't know about you folks, but I'm totally excited.
-- Somarinoa 20:32, October 20, 2011 (UTC)

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