And with that, that means more characters that are ready to have their "concept" art completed for creation of their pages on the wikia! Today I drew both Shammy Man and Tippe Man at work while away from my desk. Shammy Man turned out looking less serious than intended (he was always sort of silly but...I dunno, maybe it's because he looks like he's made out of paper towel rolls or something there). Tippe Man just turned out...cute. He looks like the mascot for some random game for the Sony PlayStation era or something.

So now, the list of RMs I have drawn rough draft or other type of art for that still haven't gotten drawn in are as follows:

Of course, other characters also possess artwork done of them, yet the art either is not currently available to me or other issues have prevented me from adding them yet. They are also as follows:

Yes. I plan on adding all of these characters and more...but it will take some time to get those that I have lost the old images for back into the fold again, since I don't enjoy retconning.

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