First off, I just noticed that I'm up to 60 subsections under Megaman Tempo Mavericks on the Fan Mavericks page...and 14 characters are listed under the 60th subsection due to it being for those without titles...holy Heavens, looks like I've got some drawing work cut out for me in the hopefully near future!

Rough draft doodle of Harvest Man.

Before work this morning I began work on the official image for Harvest Man, and he was nearly completed before I had to leave the house. Therefore he will be finished drawing tonight and will be the next character posted up. After that I plan on drawing official images for Sail Man, Split Man and Oni Man, and I also plan to do a third design for Flounder Man. After or perhaps before if I am not inspired enough by then I expect to also complete official art of Talon Man, Shammy Man and Stagnant Man. I would like to do Anti-Matter Man but those 5 characters will all get done last, probably.

I need to design template chassis for the various chassis classes sans Joe Class. While I believe Balance Thoth's main image is larger than Tempo's I believe the proportions are also off. Even if not it would need to be converted into a template (considering that almost all characters follow main body plans - as part of the storyline - it fits to have a template). Even so I have plenty of Joe Class Mavericks I could draw. The ones I know I could draw right now are:

That means you can hope to expect to see a number of these get drawn and uploaded soon, although I get apprehensive to redraw a character I've already designed that I've no direct access to the images due to disliking of retconning. I've also been debating El Fin's and Taps' final designs for years now - almost a decade, so I don't know how soon they will be finished. Since I've already made Gigawatt Cheetur's article, Deforest Termight is relatively high priority amongst the numerous "Temproids".

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