Last night, right before bed (technically today as it was 2 in the morning my time, and I live in Alaska, so there), I decided to simply take photographs of my various rough drafts since I am uncertain when I will have an opportunity to scan them in, and since I won't rip them out of the the notebook anyway they'd still come out somewhat shoddy due to the spiral ring on one side. Luckily, these came out relatively well. I then clipped each character out separately and emailed them to myself so I could add them while at work during any potential downtime. So far, three have been added, to articles that already existed: Barrel Man, Eel Man, and Jalapeño. These are the original artwork I did of each character to sketch out their planned design for transference into MSPaint at a later time/date.

That being said, several other characters are now on this hard drive too, awaiting my adding them in. While initially uncertain whether I wanted to add them without "concept" art yet (as that would be the image I would assume would pop up for page thumbnails of each article in question), I think I like the rough draft art well enough to actually add them up anyways. These characters are as follows:

These characters you can expect to see being added soon - likely not all today, however, though some more might be should I experience a sudden bout of downtime.

With this being said, four other characters were doodled today, one of which now has a number (see: 3, as I recall...otherwise only 2) of rough draft images done of them. These characters are:

In the process, however, I ended up thinking Dig Man's name was Drill Man for some reason, leading to a design I probably would not have otherwise chose; even so, it's a cool design and I will either stick with it or give it to a different RM later. Expect these characters to be added eventually, though not until I either do MSPaint "Concept" art of them or until I fill that sheet and take a photograph of them, since they're on a new sheet.
-- Somarinoa 19:53, October 25, 2011 (UTC)

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