Virus Bomber Men

Two 'unseperable' Robot Masters of the Delta unit
Vital statistics
Title Unseperable Viruses
Gender Male/Male
Race Robot Masters
Faction Maximum Robotics Industries
Health 14/14
Location Maxim's Forest Manor - Basement

The Virus Bomber Men are two Robot Masters built completely inseperable from one another, figuratiely and literally. Both were placed into the Delta unit, and both like contaminating intruders. Thier appearance is that of two walking virus-shaped orbs with a strange gelatin mouth.


These two Virus Bomber Men were placed into the Delta Unit to guard the way forward. They seem to have contaminated several a victim from afar with thier powers.


These two will (together) make for the second boss of the fortress stages.


These two are connected by a bond, so try your best not to enter that bond or you'll end up taking repeat damage. They can both break up thier bodies into several small compounds and switch places whilst damaging thier opponent.

When one is destroyed, the other uses the broken 'bond' to swing it wildly as to trap foes within unless they can get out. He can still 'break up' and teleport around the rooms.


"Ah! A new" "body to con-tam-i-nate!" (Prebattle dialogue) "We'll see if that healthy" "body still is when we attack!" (Prebattle dialogue)


  • This isn't the first time we see two bosses to make up the 'boss' of one of the stages. Other examples include Gemini Man, Flame Hyenard and Clock Man (Rockman and Forte: Challenger from the Future). Search Man ain't countin'.
  • Design-wise, these two are unique Robot Masters but the system of having no traditional mouth has been used for Air Man, Needle Man, Napalm Man and Magma Man in the fact they are just walking torsos.

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