Mega man eternal wily underwater stronghold by pagewizard-d6i88kq

Wily Stronghold in-game.

Wily Stronghold is an underwater castle constructed by Dr. Wily. It serves as the final stages of Mega Man Eternal. Where Rush had been captive inside for experiment by creating more rampaging robot from the past memory of Mega Data.

Stage 1

Mme wily stronghold 1 screenshot by pagewizard-d7h27a9

Mega Man running away from the Clamp Dozer in Wily Stronghold 1.

Starting point begins from the surface and diving down to the ocean and beware of the spike from both right and left. After passing another screen. Where Wilycart dropping down from top constantly take it out quickly and advance or just passing them carefully right and pass another screen. Where you need to jump high not to high to hit the spike at the same time avoiding Wilycart spawning on top of the spike and slide toward left and go down the ladder. Where the player will be greet the Wilycart spawning once more for the last time. Shoot and destroy the wall at the front to open the entrance. Once the player process and will be quickly greet by another enemy. A robotic seal shoot and went off. Dodge it and process where the player need to jump one platform one to another. First one is sealing is with spike jump carefully after on the next screen. Where Relic and seal on the tail, If the player can use the Primal Bomb to destroy the wall to get extra life. Continue dodge and shoot it until you head to another screen. Where the checkpoint had reached. Head down, where the auto screen start, when Clamp Dozer begin to chase the player. In this section, The tank will throw bomb, firing it clamp and missile pursing you. In additional with Relic T and Seal one by one. Until the player reach where it got two spike the player need to jump and not to get caught. Otherwise, death.

Afterwards, the player need to climb the ladder up and drop down to another five time. Later, following by two platform. Before into conveyor belt making thing a little bit difficult. Be patient and avoid the seal. Where the player will reach the end. Where the hole at the sealing got spike fall in. Where another obstacle begin to start after the player jump to the platform of the spike. the flashing is stop stop. Where the wall of spike above sealing starting to fall one by one. Continuing moving forward and keep look out for robotic seal coming in ground of three alongside with Relic T making thing more. Right after above the landscape and before the jumping at the turning wheel. The sealing will fall down at a time. Keep going and make sure jump on the metal platform. Where it more safety than turning wheel. Right after passing through slide and keep moving forward. Where the spike wall sealing about to close in along with seal and Relic T avoid or shoot it. Jump three step and drop down and a hole appear, jump it down and reach the door. Where the first boss of the castle: CWU-01P.

Stage 2

Wily Stronghold 2

Wily Stronghold 2.

Entrance begins after spawn at the stage. Passing another screen jump over the spike to the other side. Where in the background of Aurora Man. Jump to one wheel to cross the spike to land carefully on the saw and jump another one to get to the higher ground to shoot the telly on the way to process another screen. Where it is the timing disappearing block and wind fan for more compositing. Jump on to it at the right time of the background of cameo. Time the position and beware of the spike above and you will make it another screen. Where up and down available. It better to upper route since got extra life. Quickly go down and destroy the enemy that blow the player backward before the darkness occurred. Where Batton will swarm on the position randomly. Once you down, here the player need a special weapon presumably to be the Illusion blast to homing at both hammer joe to clean him out before the player can jump on that without getting hurt. Watch the timing block patten and the player will be process without any trouble. Once another screen, more timing block this one is with stick together. Use the illusion blast or simple just a normal weapon on the Jiro. the player can get the bolt if you had the timing precisely without hit by the spike. But is not worth it. You better to moving on. By dropping down another screen. Where the player will facing a mini-boss Jiro Supreme. Where it had the ability to become Quint.

Once after the player take him out, the path of timing block will be open. Where the checkpoint reach. Fill up the life meter if the player must and Eddie will appear to give the player some aid as well. Go into the water to process. If the player want an extra life from left which is blocked by ice. Melt it with Scorch Flame and beware of the Tune Jiro. Where it tune bullet will not disappear even you advance through the other screen kill it and quickly take care of the Fan enemy before become nuisance as spike appear. Once after taking care of them and jump carefully at the fan after it stop. Wait and be patient, destroy the jumping drop bomb robot that block the way to process. Where the Hammer Job await, destroy it before the player can jump on turning wheel without and trouble and go down. Where the player meet another fan enemy once more and go down. Time the jump precisely and not to jump high. Where the spike above. Where you need to jump more turning wheel to across a huge pit. In additional, need to balance yourself and wait for the moment of the timing block switch to process. Also, try to jump high as the sealing is covered with spike. Once you get to another screen, time your jump once more where the timing block switch and go up with ladder. Where the player will be greet by Flame Jiro. Destroy it and move forward. Jump off once platform to another walk precisely to lure the fan enemy at your safe distance, destroy it and process by jumping the turning wheel onward. Here is the last screen of the obstacles to be across. Where timing block, Fan blowing and turning wheel combination. Including enemy that following your direction. Just do the same thing as previously, the player will get there in no problem. Before, you go down to the boss chamber. Make sure to get both Big Bolt and Life Capsule. The player going to need it. Enter the boss room. Where the Mega Man Killer Fusion themselves into ultimate Mega Man Killer. Depends on the battle from the intermission stage. If the player win all three of them. The boss will had one attack. If is lose all of them, the boss will be much difficulty. Where it will unleashed all their three special weapon on you. Proto Man will join the fight to make thing a little bit interesting.

Stage 3

This stage spilt into two segment. First segment starts up the rolling coaster ride exactly same with the Primal Man Stage previously. Only this time is much harder with additional spike and making the enemy very obnoxious to deal with. First screen is no problem, where floating telly. Just used any weapon of choice most notably the Illusion blast. Where it can homing at them without any difficulty. Next screen, is where the player needed the Primal Bomb to blast the barricade and jump across it. Afterwards, switch back to Illusion Blast and kill everything before making another jump over the spike to advance another screen. Where Dodonpa Cannon making things more complicated. Destroy them if you must and move to another screen. Where the darkness descend afterwards the Batton starting to swarm on the player. Use Beat and fend them off since Beat can attack every direction and keep going. Where one screen advance at a time. First is the cannon and telly, destroy it and wait for the coaster into rolling and process to another screen. Second one, you need to time your jump to get over the spike. Right after the third screen, unleash your special weapon. presumably the Enker Lance to destroy the Balloon Patrol and jump over the spike then afterwards destroy the Balloon Met to advance. Before it hit the spike and die. Otherwise, the player have to play the whole segment is not going to be very pretty go over again. Once you make it all through. You reach the end. Where the first segment of the boss await. The Mecha Dragon A. The fight take place exactly the same with Wily Stage 1 from Mega Man 2. Only this time with the opposite around, where the player need to kill the dragon before get killed. Where the rocky block, that you jump on one another can be destroy by it own projectiles. Use the Frigid Frost to score Mulit. However, be cautions the debris of frost can also destroy the block as well with randomize. Once it defeat the Dragon, the first segment is finish.

Wily Stronghold 3 Second Segment

Wily Stronghold 3 Second Segment.

The second segment begins, where the player after defeat the dragon. Process to another screen, where you meet Hammer Joe kill it and moving forward. Where the ladder awaits you to climb up. Where the player will meet the Copy Robot, stop it with the Clamp Ring and climb up on the right ladder to get the Big Bolt. If the player want to go the other way to reach the other side. the player had to face the Copy Robot again. So is not worth it, use the Primal Bomb and blast the wall and destroy the Shield Attacker before moving forward. Here is where the conveyor belt section jump and slide over the second one. Used the Clamp Ring to stop the saw for preventing damage. Climb up the ladder and go up. Where more obstacles course await. Here the player need to be careful of going down not to get hit by the spike and move left on the conveyor. Use the Scorch Flame and melt the ice block to fall to move forward. Where the player meet electric enemy. Quickly kill it with the Enker Lance. Because, if the player get hit if will fall at the bottom pit and die. Once you destroy it, jump and move to another screen. Quickly get the way through the Count Bomb to the ladder without stopping. Otherwise, you die. Once the player reach up. This is where the most annoying part of the section of the stage itself and need to use the ice block to get up. However, the player need to melt some of it to get on to it. But be very careful, you don't want to melt them all. Otherwise, it will be disappeared forever as the block won't respawn. Which the player need to die. The First one, the player need to jump and shoot the flame once after that is done. Switch back to normal and process by climbing the ladder after jumping on Count Bomb. The second one got two of it. Jump again and shoot it with flame to melt it then switch back again and jump on to it another by Count Bomb with the conveyor belt on top. Adjust the position and shoot it with the Scorch Flame again before switching back to normal and process, where the checkpoint reach.

Here got three path, the player can go up, normal and down. If you go down, where it got an extra life. If the player go up and can by pass a little bit of the section, however both of path are requiring Primal Bomb to process. It better off to go normal since is no need to waste any of the special weapon. Once process to another screen. Quickly get to the upper platform for a safe breathing before processing to go even more upper path. However, if the player fail you must die and try again. If you success and make it. Climb on the ladder and go up. Here you had a lot of option. But first clear the enemy of the room first, before processing either left or right. At the second screen, make sure to kill the electric enemy before moving on. Once the player at the third screen, do the same thing again at the bottom. If the player quick enough and can get the health capsule or just keep going by climbing the left side of ladder to go up without dying to try again. Also, enemy do not spawn after exiting the screen. Over here, the player need to use the Scorch Flame to melt the ice once more. Time the position and make sure to hit at the center to go in a Zip Zap line by climbing ladder of the right after jumping on Count Bomb and do the same thing with melting ice once more, before going up by climb the left ladder again. Up there, where two saw and Frost Jiro on the way, Stop the saw with the Clamp Ring or used the Illusion Blast to kill the Jiro, before moving forward in a Zip Zap way climb one ladder to another. In second screen, where two Frost Jiro on at their platform respectively kill them and jump on the platform to go up the ladder. Where the player greet by two Balloon Met and a Boss door. Kill it and enter, Where Bass awaits in a background moving up presumably to be elevator.

Stage 4

Wily Stronghold 4 1.0

Wily Stronghold 4 Boss rematch chamber room.

At the entrance in a greyish background of flashing after two more screen. Where the player will be entering what suppose to be beginning of the Guts Man stage. Where the player needed to jump on it and make sure to jump fast enough to avoid the fall down the bottom after wire connect the platform once passed through that. Where Clamp enemies jumping kill it and go exactly way. Where the original Guts Man is and head down. Where is now at Heat Man section, you needed to jump on platform of flowing lava to another to reach the end. Where the Flame Jiro greet you, kill it and inside the teleporter. Where the rematch of the two out of eight robot master begins. The first two is the Primal Man and Jolt Man. Use the special weapon of their weakness to defeat them. Afterwards, you defeat it and head to the boss chamber, Where you're in the needle man stage. Just dealing all the enemy like the way you does and head down and go right after passing two more screen. You're in the Dust Man stage section. Climb up two more ladder in a zip zap line of left and right. Once you get up, you're in the Crashing section. The only different is where it got electric enemy and telly come out from the platform destroy it and move carefully one by one. Then you will reach another Teleporter. Where you rematch four out of eight robot master. The second one is Clamp Man and Frigid Man. Do the same thing again during with Primal Man and Jolt Man by using their special weapon of Weakness. Once it done, head to the door.

Where the Crystal Man section awaits, which needed do the exactly the same thing from previous game before. Remember, the falling crystal jumping one platform to another. Where sniper joe await only this time with different variant. Once the player get through it, you faced the mini-boss from Jolt Man, the G.N. Jiro. Following by the same strategy avoiding the bouncing sound wave and electric current. You will be no problem. Once it defeated, the player will be in Plant Man section. Where it need to deal with the spring gimmick go sky high to one platform and preparing for any Telly. Don't rush and take time to deal with it. Don't rush and you eventually will make it to another Teleporter. Where you arrive at the rematch with the Robot Master once more. The third two is Cipher Man and Scorch Man. Use the special weapon of their weakness once more. Once you take it out, you're arriving at Spring Man section.

Where the player needed to balance your height before hitting enemy and went down. Where you arrive at Grenade Man section of falling section. However, it only just three screen as needed to time your bomb and falls. If you had a chance, you can get extra life before went down after at the stop. Where Jiro awaits you, kill him and move forward. Where you're in Galaxy Man warping path. Time it properly and process. Where you enter the Solar Man section to meet the Sniper Joe, kill it and process, walk very carefully with platform flame burst out. Kill the Laser Joe and enter the Teleporter. Where the rematch of eight out of eight robot master. The Fourth and final one is Tune Woman and Illusion Man. Defeat them with the strategy of same by using their special weapon weakness. Once you done, the door will open.

Wily Stronghold 4

Wily Stronghold Stage 4 Boss Fight.

To the true stage of the game, which the player need to jump one big platform to another by escaping the shooting from the laser. Once reached at the explosive bridge continue move forward and do not stop! Otherwise, death. Enter the boss chamber door and fall down. Where the player face the true boss of the stage, Wily RUSH Machine. Where it needed to damage your companion dog. In additional to dodge all the four past Robot Master (Dust Man, Cloud Man, Burst Man and Commando Man) at the same time need to avoid spike from right and left with it electric ball attack. Once defeated it. Wily escape along with Rush awaiting in the True final stage.

Stage 5


Stage 5 of boss chamber room.

This stage had absolutely no enemies except only obstacles. The entrance is where the thunder storm and raining at the boss chamber. Go through it and process, where you need to memorize the disappearing block pattern, before climbing up the ladder to process. Once going up, where the platform is now a turning wheel jump carefully and maintain its balance and climb the ladder on the right to go up.

This one got no problem only just one platform jump at the left and climb the ladder to go up once more. Where it become another path to move forward head up by climbing the ladder after jumping on it and process. Here is where another Disappearing block pattern now with even more difficult. Just memorising carefully and jump on the block and climb the ladder on the right to go up once more. Here, you got suppliers (Bolts, Weapon Capsule, Energy Capsule and Extra life to refill. It much Better to grab everything and moving on since this is the final stage and no point of returning. After climbing another ladder on the right. Here is the rise up and down by propeller jump carefully and climb the ladder and head up.

Do the same thing again from previous screen except only one platform with propeller and process to forward by jumping one platform to another to go up. Where the boss chamber room awaits for the final showdown against Wily begins.


  • The inspiration for the Wily Stage 1 music was the Mega Man 3 Wily Stage 1.
  • Wily Stage 2 features Robot Master cameos from other fan projects, such as Boost Man from the cancelled "Mega Man: Time Tangent".
  • In Wily Stage 3, the second theme of the level is the combination of both Wily Stage 1 and 3 from Mega Man 8 and the stage itself is a homage tribute to King Stage 2.
  • Wily Stage 4 features many segment from the official games with stages of Guts Man, Heat Man, Needle Man, Dive Man, Crystal Man, Plant Man, Spring Man, Grenade Man, Galaxy Man and Solar Man.
  • Wily Stage 5 taking place above the sea. Despite, the map showed underwater.




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