Wolf Man is one of the Robot Masters from Mega Man EN designed by Enker. Wolf Man is equipped with a waist-separation system, similar to that of Sword Man and Compass Man. Wolf Man attacks with his sharp claws in a spinning fashion. He can also release a sonic howl that comes down at Mega Man, similar to when Charge Man launches his burning coals. His stage takes place in a forest/cave setting.

Stage Enemies


  • Wolf Man resembles a Maverick from the Mega Man X series, being animal-based AND looking like an animal. But concept-wise, he's similar to Top Man, Sword Man, and Slash Man.
  • Wolf Man's stage theme is this.
  • As evidenced in a PChat session Lucian attended, he wants to make a Wolf Man costume someday.
  • Wolf Man cameos in the fan project, MegaLion 3. He has a different name, Razor Wolf, and replaces Slash Man.