Wrap Man is the son of Pharaoh Man and gaurdian of the Xemicronian tomb of Matron. Pharaoh Man found this treasure sometime ago and decided to gaurd it. Although his scorpion friends kept him company, he felt lonely. He suddenly became curious about that shining light that appeared on the wall a few days ago and where it came from. It was then he discovered a space ship half-buried in sand. He went insinde it and found a little body. It was like luquid metal; when he touched it, he felt a shock surge through his body and was sent flying to the back of the room. In the end, he collided with the wall which just about knocked him out. When he came to, he was just there. Wrap Man managed to say "papa" and hugged Pharaoh Man. He then felt his lonelyness was over. Pharaoh Man raised Wrap Man as his own and taught him to be a warrior. He trained him, encouraged him, and taught him the ways of the Pharaoh. He became the ultimate gaurdian and slaughtered whoever dared to enter the tomb of Matron.