The X-Hunters, known as Counter Hunters (カウンターハンターKauntā Hantā?) in Japan, is a group of three Mavericks from Mega Man X2 that recovered Zero's parts to revive him as a Maverick. After defeating two Mavericks, they will contact Maverick Hunter H.Q., each challenging X to a duel. They will then randomly appear in hidden rooms in one of the six remaining stages; if defeated, X will recover one of Zero's parts. They will also reappear as individual bosses in the final stages.


  • Serges
  • Violen
  • Agile

Production Notes

Developer Comments
"When figuring out the limits of the CX4, a female X-Hunter was removed from what were called the 'Four Guardians' at the time. Violen also lost his second form. We just didn't have the resources to make that all happen." -Yoshihisa Tsuda [1]


  • All three X-Hunters make brief cameo appearances during the opening cutscenes of Mega Man X3 (Sega Saturn, PlayStation, and PC versions) and Mega Man X5.
  • The theme for Gate's Laboratory in Mega Man X6 is a remix of the third X-Hunter stage theme.
  • The music of the X-Hunter stage 1-2 is an influence on the boss theme for the SNES game Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.


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